Food Allergy Awareness Week

Food Allergy Awareness Week

It’s officially here! The one week a year where raising food allergy awareness is THE thing to do! I must clarify, Food Allergy Awareness Week (FAAW) is recognized in the States, where up here in Canada, we now have Food Allergy Awareness Month for May! It just passed in Parliament last week and Sara Shannon was present when the big moment happened!

I recently wrote a song for FAAN for FAAW…(a sentence like that would go so far over the head of someone not affected by allergies!) which you can listen to and watch a video of on YouTube. In honour of the start of Food Allergy Awareness Week, please enjoy the lyrics to the song! It may give some inspiration of what you can do to make a difference this week.

Food Allergy Awareness Week – Kyle Dine

Jump up, jump down, jump all around the town, it’s that time of year
When we all can come together for a cause that we hold dear
For one week straight we get to educate
About something we live with every single day

As we reach that week in May, think what you’ll do for seven days
Make a plan of what’s in store, because guess what’s coming up to your door?
Food Allergy Awareness Week
The more awareness we create, a safer future we have made

Shout it to the left, shout it to the right, so everyone can hear
Teachers, friends, and family, spread the word far and near
You can be as involved as your want to be
This is our chance to be heard collectively

It only takes a little time, to write a letter or make a sign
For all you kids, dads and moms, get excited here it comes!
Food Allergy Awareness Week
The more awareness we create, a safer future we have made

Draw a poster of all you know
Plan one event and watch it grow
Make a craft which you can show
Sew a short sign to show on your shirt

kyle dine video

Kyle Dine's FAAW Music Video

Food Allergy Awareness Week


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