Bring in the Kids!

Recording children

On Saturday morning, there were eight kids from Brampton Ontario who missed out on Saturday morning cartoons…instead they got a pretty cool opportunity of a life time by recording for my CD. It was a great range of boys and girls from grade 1 to grade 8. Soft voices, loud voices, low voices, and high voices – but the commonality was that they were all AWESOME voices! Most were part of an award winning choir which my music teacher friend managed to wrangle together.

It was unbelievable how efficient they were. In the span of only 2 hours, they managed to lay their voices on a total of 8 songs!! The songs are really sounding great with the kids on them. I think my favourite is “One of the Gang” as went from a standard guitar blues ending…to quite possibly the cutest song ending of all time…but it remains a secret for now!


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