Metro D.C. Support Group Performance

Maryland Support Group ConcertWhat a great time it was last weekend down in Maryland! I had the privilege to perform for the Metro D.C. Allergy Support Group for the second time! It was really cool seeing familiar faces, especially the group leader Kari Keaton and her family who have been so supportive of me and my music for a long time now. It was a great opportunity to try some new songs out for the first time in front of a live audience and they were super supportive…even when I forgot a lyric or two! 😮

Many of the new songs on the new CD are  geared towards those directly affected by allergies which made this a great venue to unveil them! When I perform at schools, I use songs that are a bit more general in terms of education so those without allergies can learn what they’re all about, and most importantly, what they can do to help keep allergic friends safe.

There were so many fun and memorable moments from this performance! My favorites being the audience waiving their medical I.D. bracelets in the air during “Cool Bracelet”,  the incredible amount of noise made during the chorus of “Never Keep a Reaction a Secret” where I sing “I’m gonna make some noise…” and one autograph request where a girl asked me to put her name on the cover, but not to forget to include mine too! Long and short, it was definitely worth the 11 hour drive from Toronto!

I hope to see my friends in the Maryland/D.C. area again once the new album is released. For more information on this, or other support groups, please visit:


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