Day 5 of Recording & Road Trip!

Bring on the lyrics! Tonight was the first night I laid down the final lyrics for a few songs. It’s an incredibly taxing process which brought the efficiency level back down to earth. I finished three 3:00 minute songs in the span of 2 hours. I recorded each song 3 times then went through each version and chose each phrase that sounded the best. It was draining because I am not used to listening for such intricate details…was the pitch okay? how was the phrasing? was I on time? was it smooth? did I sound like myself??? So many things to listen for!

I will be able to do a ton of listening this weekend as I am driving down to Maryland which is about a 10 our drive from Toronto. It will give me a good chance to work out vocal harmonies, listen to Jerry Seinfeld comedy CDs, and eat road trip food (i.e. beef jerky and pickles – U.S. gas stations know how to feed a weary traveller!) I’m really excited to go down as I’m performing for the Metro D.C. Support Group, one of the first support groups I have ever played for, and one I am truly looking forward to seeing again!

Although I'm a canuck, I love road trippin' through the States! Such a beautiful country with great people!


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