Recording Food Allergies Rock! Day 3

Kyle Dine recording food allergy music  day 3

Another very productive session, especially for only having 2 hours. I finalized the main guitar parts for a couple tunes, and started laying down some guitar riffs over top. I am so glad that I prepared for months in advance, as many of these songs are so ingrained in me by now, my mistakes are limited. It’s funny, the mistakes I do make are pretty consistent – mental! I find that when I’m not fully paying attention, I do really silly errors like forgetting the first note/chord, or just missing it altogether and strumming the wood on the guitar! Focus is the key in many things in life with no exception here.

The songs are now set in terms of timing, tempo and structure. They were sent to a studio drummer this week and I just got them back filled with punchy beats that bring life to the songs. I am excited beyond words!!! I will be spending the next week and a half perfecting bass riffs in anticipation for next weekend’s sessions.


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