Day 2 in the Recording Studio

Kyle Dine Day 2 recording music
Today was a shorter recording session – only 3 hours, but filled with vocals, ukulele and banjo.

I started off by recording the remaining 8 scratch vocals. My producer was very quick to point out that one song was just toooooooo long – it was pushing 5 minutes…which may be difficult to capture a kid’s attention span for the entire song…point taken! I decided to chop an entire verse to tighten things up a bit.

I am very excited about one song I recorded tonight on the ukulele. It’s called “C’est La Vie”. It really tries to put things in perspective dealing with food allergies. It’s not downplaying the fact that it can be tough at times, but overall, we’re all very fortunate that this is a manageable condition that does NOT have to slow us down from achieving our dreams and living life to the fullest!

Banjo pluckin’ went well. I won’t lie, I would have never picked up the banjo if I had never visited Nashville on my first U.S. “allergy tour”. I soaked up the country influence and bought a banjo soon after. Country and bluegrass music has definitely made their way into my northern heart and there will definitely be some homage to this on the record.

Two more hours  in the studio tomorrow and I will be done all the backbone tracks. It will then get sent to a drummer to hit the skins on, leaving me a bit of time to practice my bass playing for the next batch of studio time. Demos from the studio to be posted soon!


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