Day 1 in the Recording Studio

Day 1 - Kyle Dine Recording "Food Allergies Rock!"

In what has seemed like an eternity from when I wrote the first song for this new album, until today, the day I recorded that first song professionally. It has been a busy winter finessing all of the songs for this CD, but I have worked hard to be at this point where I feel confident in the structure of my songs so I can be as efficient as possible in the studio (studio time unfortunately doesn’t grow on trees!).

Today was a great start – a lot accomplished in a five hour period. I recorded the main guitar for 13/14 songs, and recorded the “scratch vocals” for 6 songs . Scratch vocals are low quality vocals put into songs so they don’t sound like one giant long guitar piece. It helps with adding more instruments later on by giving it a sense of timing throughout.

I really enjoy this studio. The producer is fantastic and has some really great equipment. My favourite part of all is its location. I rode my bike down today and got there in under 10 minutes…even with a guitar on my back which is not the most aero-dynamic set-up!

Tomorrow is round 2…filled with more basic guitar, some banjo and ukulele. Hurray for getting this project in motion!!


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