Performance at the Mall of America

Kyle Dine in Minneapolis

I just got back from an incredible weekend in Minneapolis! I had the privilege of playing for the second consecutive year at a fundraising event for the Anaphylaxis & Food Allergy Association of Minnesota (AFAA). They are an inspiring and committed group that has helped make some very positive changes for families affected by allergies in the State of Minnesota.

This weekend’s fundraising walk at the Mall of America was a ton of fun!! It was great to see some familiar faces from last year, and meet many new people who had travelled far and wide to be there. I had a blast pumping up the walkers, and providing the dancing soundtrack to a giant pink pig baseball mascot named “Muddonna” wah wah…

Fundraising events like this are so amazing, as they truly bring the allergy community together. It’s so encouraging to see families connecting and supporting each other – everyone who deals with food allergies is a wealth of knowledge on handling different tricky situations whom we can all gain from. One example of this is when a lady from Minneapolis told me a handful of “allergy safe” restaurants in town which turned out to be delicious!

The picture above is me at the new Minnesota Twin’s stadium – Target Field….chances are when I’m not playing allergy music…I’m watching baseball! Go Twins!…and Blue Jays!

For more information on AFAA – visit:


2 thoughts on “Performance at the Mall of America

  1. It was a thrill to have you join us again this year at the AFAA Food Allergy Awareness Walk. Your personal story touches so many lives as a talented musician and a real-life role model! Thanks for rockin’ with the food allergy community in MN!

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