Support Group Performances

On Sunday I had my first performance of the year for an anaphylaxis support group.  It was so great to be in such a…well supportive environment! It was truly an excellent opportunity to perform some of my new songs for the first time live.  One of the songs I debuted was “Cool Bracelet” which was really effective at getting everyone’s medical i.d’s waving up in the air!

I had such a fun time during the performance, but the highlight was getting to meet many of the families afterwards as well as snapping a few pictures with the kids. It’s so encouraging to see people coming together to share experiences and knowledge about this condition.  I can’t say enough about the importance of getting support for anaphylaxis as it can feel like a long road…but a road many have gone down before and more than happy to help with! Whether it’s through a local support group, an online source, or a non-profit organization, it feels great to talk to others who truly “get it.”

If you are part of a support group and are interested in a family concert, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m always down for a road trip to meet more great folk in the F.A. community!


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