Olympics – Go Steve Omischl!

There is definitely a buzz in the air throughout Canada now that the 2010 Winter Olympics have officially started. What a great opportunity to show the rest of the world who Canadians are, and how incredible our country really is.

I enjoy all the events (especially hockey!) but this year I am especially excited for the men’s freestyle aerials events. I have had the opportunity to speak to Steve Omischl a few times over the last two years, an incredible athlete who is a gold medal favourite in this event.

Steve also has a peanut allergy and is an amazing inspiration. After having a severe reaction before a major event a few years ago, Steve used his experience to help educate others. I facilitated a phone call between him and Anaphylaxis Canada’s Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) last year so they could ask him questions about how a professional athlete could manage allergies with such a busy lifestyle. The youth learned about all of his different strategies when training and when competing in international events. Steve left the kids with an overlying sense of empowerment, letting them know that food allergies do not have to slow you down in life, you can achieve anything you dream of.

Steve competes in the qualifying round on Feb 22, and hopefully in the finals on Feb 25.



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