Still Allergic to Seafood

It’s rare for me to have a tough day with my allergies. Frustration is rare, but usually happens when I am at a venue with sub-standard labelling or cross contamination practices.

Today I experienced some rare frustration as I had my last leg of my allergy testing which I have undergone for the last 6 months. Today was day when confirmation would be had on all seafood – a large group of food I have always avoided. I really had high hopes today as both my skin prick test and blood test showed negative results for fish and shellfish. However, today I had an oral challenge allergy test using salmon that proved that this allergy is still present.

It was a pretty quick reaction that didn’t even result from ingestion. It was in the first phase of simply holding a piece of cooked salmon to my tongue for 15 minutes which caused tingling throughout my mouth followed my the swelling of my lips. A follow up with a fresh food skin prick test confirmed the diagnosis with a large wheal on my arm.

Although the test was specific to one fish, it was significant enough to garner the recommendation that all seafood should be avoided. Frustrating? Yes. Devastating? No way! I went home at the end of the day, cooked myself a fabulous pizza and enjoyed my favourite drink!

Thus, my official list of allergies is now: Peanut, Tree Nut, Egg, Mustard, Fish, Shellfish, Pet dander, and Penicillin.


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