___(Blank)__ The Chipmunk.

Announcing the “Name that Chipmunk!” contest.

I am currently writing a song about a Chipmunk who is allergic to nuts. The concept in a nutshell….(sorry)…is that this chipmunk is allergic to nuts, but doesn’t want to seem like the odd one out with “skinny cheeks” when all the chipmunks hang out with peanuts in there cheeks. He/she decides to try and “fit in” by stuffing marshmallows in his/her cheeks. However the other chipmunks find out about what he/she is doing and want to help him/her feel comfortable in the group, so they try marshmallows and absolutely love them. This results in all the chipmunks preferring marshmallows together so everyone is safe and all friends would be included.

So the contest works like this.  If you or a family member can think of a great name for this chipmunk character and I choose to use it, you will
WIN the prize of having your name included as a special thank you in the booklet of my new CD!

Please just add your name idea either as a comment here, or on my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kyle-Dine/10268027266


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