To write for a kid…is to act like a kid!

Yes…I am having an absolute ball writing tunes for kids these days, and really trying to put myself in a children’s shoes with respect to how engaging these songs will be.  I will post some lyrics soon, but am really trying to be conscious of how these songs will go over live. I hope kids are having fun listening to songs at home, but when it comes to the live show, I want these songs to be the fabric of a completely entertaining memorable experience for all.

I listened to a very inspirational fellow today named Tom Jackson who helps musicians improve their live show. He made an interesting point that when performing live, people pay attention to the following:

15% – Content of song

30% – Emotion of artist

55% – Visual on stage

Thus….not to say I’m disregarding the importance of good content for songs, but I am really thinking about how these songs will connect with kids in an audience, how they can be expanded upon visually, and how they can become more than just songs, rather memories.


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