My Holiday = Write, Write, Write!

Hey Folks! Happy New Years!

I had a grand Christmas break in my hometown of Kingston, Ontario making a giant racket in my parent’s basement! As the picture hints, I had quite a few instruments to help me out in the process.

It was a really great experience for finishing the writing of my new CD, especially because it was around Christmas time which brought many thoughts/ideas through all of family gatherings revolving around food. I had a safe holiday, but was reminded on several occasions of how tricky it can be at these big gatherings. The biggest reminder of all, was the importance of checking with the person who made a certain dish. While others have great intentions of checking things over for me, the results can be similar to that of playing a game of Broken Telephone.

And the results of the whole experience? 12/14 Songs completed which includes bass lines, guitar riffs, banjo/ukulele fills and some vocal harmonies. All of this in preparation for getting into the studio so I can be as efficient as possible!


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