Songs are Everywhere!

Something somewhere must be aligned as song ideas, titles, themes etc. etc. are all just popping out of nowhere in just over a week.

After being in a creative dry spell for months, this last week was the harvest! Lately I have been really trying to keep my eyes open for ideas and inspiration – I don’t know if I usually have my eyes closed…or don’t drink enough coffee…but lately things are fortunately rolling. Here are the newest three songs that are all receiving finishing touches:

1. Bzzzzz – After a recent school performance, a boy courageously told 1/2 the school that he had a bee allergy which gave me a push to address venom allergy in a song. This will be a pretty fun song with a kazoo montage and a rhyme for “yellow jacket”

2. One of the Gang – I re-read an amazing book which I have above my desk by Gina Clowes titled “One of the Gang” – an excellent book for kids with allergies. I wanted to put the message that it encapsulates into a song which has a Randy Newman “You’ve got a Friend in me” type vibe. Visit for more info on this amazing book.

3. My Epi-Neph-Friend – I know I know…this is really tongue in cheek! Hoping this song can help ease any anxiety kids have about aut0-injectors. Just like a friend, they will be there for you when you need them to make things okay.

Thank you everyone for the constant inspiration!



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