Call out for Allergy Song Ideas

Hello Everyone!

I’m always racking my brain for new “Allergy Song” ideas but this time, would love to put it out to you! I have about 1/2 of the songs written for the new CD, and have quite a few ideas to fill it up – however I would really love any suggestions! The central theme of the entire CD is empowerment over allergies and looking at the bright side of having allergies…hence the uber positive CD title “Food Allergies Rock!”

Put it out to your family, your kids, your friends etc. It’s a fun brainstorming exercise to think of what important messages kids with food allergies need to hear. Please be as creative as can be!!! If “Smellephant the Allergic Elephant” could make it on my last CD, you know how much I value creativity while having strong underlying messages.

Please leave ideas as either comments here or on my facebook page:

Thanks allergy community!



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