Studio Hunting

Trying to find a recording studio is much easier said than done!

When I recorded my last CD “You Must Be Nuts!” – it was very easy to find a studio as I was living in my small hometown Kingston, Ontario, and there were only a handful of options. Now I live in Toronto – the largest city in Canada which has its fair share of recording studios.  I have decided that I need to set some preferences in what qualities are important to me which will hopefully make the search easier…If only lavalife matched up musicians and recording studios!

I narrowed it down to 5 qualities:

1. Location: I work during the week and would prefer a place close to home or on the Subway line so I can squeeze in time at night.

2. Rate: Obviously the lower the better, but not to the point where quality is sacrificed.

3. Access to Musicians: I would need a well connected studio that could assist in getting a good drummer and bass player as my skills are limited at both.

4. Comfortable: I know this sounds picky! I know I will be spending a lot of time at the studio, and really  want to look forward to going to an environment where ideas are not only executed, but also created.

5. Open Minded Producer: I love what I do, I truly have fun creating and performing allergy music. I really want this conveyed on this CD and want to think outside of the…jewel case in making songs that are truly engaging for the listener.

I’ll keep you posted on the studio hunt!



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